• Roseville High School

  • Sylvia Besana and Tiger Mascot

  • Tedy Bruschi Football

  • Homecoming Judges 2016

    Here are the float judges for homecoming 2016. From left to right: Signe Ostrom Hodge '81, Dennis Magures '73, Becky Morgan '88, Charles Johnson '73
  • Class of '96 Reunion

    Sara Whiteside Greco, Natalie Valencia, Camille Smith, Leslie Green
  • Class of 1961: Adah Van Fleck Haskins, Elaine Smith Hightower, Carla Sepponen LaFave, Sandy Evangelisti Bunch, Linda Portmann Sorensen
  • Class of 1966: Stephanie Badeker Kopasek Sinclair and Kriss Swanson Holtz
  • Class of '76 Reunion

  • R.O.S.E. Tour 2016

Upcoming Events

Alumni Association Meeting

Jan 25 2017 06:00PM
Class of ’50 Luncheon

Jan 26 2017 11:30AM
Annual Alumni Association Luncheon

Jan 29 2017 12:00AM
RHS Classes of the ‘40’s Decade Breakfast

Feb 03 2017 09:00AM
RHS 56ers Luncheon

Feb 03 2017 11:00AM
RHSAA Board Meeting

Feb 13 2017 05:30PM


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