A Letter from the President

Here is the quarterly letter from the Alumni Association President, Bob McCarthy '51


As I sit at my computer writing this article, I can’t help thinking back to when our children were young and their favorite show was “Mr. Rogers”. “For it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.” The sun is brightly shining and the temperature is just about perfect (although I realize we all need rain). Then I realize that the day is also just about perfect as a metaphor for your RHSAA Board of Directors.

I feel so fortunate that these past five years have allowed me to serve with some of the most dedicated individuals, individuals that are dedicated to the maintaining and progress of the Alumni Association. If it were not for them, I’m certain that the Association would not have been able to maintain our many activities throughout this time. Our Teacher Wish List, the Senior Scholarship Program, and had it not been for the pandemic, our numerous annual social functions. (However, we are looking forward to begin again during the Summer of 2022.)

It is difficult to name an individual officer when all have been so tremendous, but I beg the exception. Paul Manfredi, your First Vice President, has been the Association’s mainstay these past few years He has always made himself available, assisting other officers when needed. During the past few months, I have had to deal with some health issues and Paul has led the association in an admirable manner. Paul, thank you for all that you do for RHSAA and the asset you are to our community.

We still hold our Association’s monthly meetings on the third Wednesday of every month during the school year in the RHS library at 6:00 pm. We always welcome members to attend and participate in our discussions.

And as we always say, “Once a Tiger, always a Tiger.”

Bob McCarthy

Class of 1951