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A Letter from the President

Here is the quarterly letter from the new Alumni Association President, Teresa Gemignani '71


Summer is here!

Another year has been completed at Roseville High School. And, the Alumni Association has completed its work for this term, as well. We gave out Teacher Wish List Awards and 8 Scholarships (4 at $1,000 and 4 at $500). The latter is one of the prime purposes of our organization.

We finalized our year at the May meeting with election of board officers for the 2023-25 term. They are:

President Teresa Gemignani

First Vice President Bob McCarthy

Treasurer Rick Anderson

We are still looking for a Corresponding Secretary and a Membership Chair. Please come and join us and volunteer to help.

I want to thank everyone for trusting me with the Alumni Association. Thirty years ago, I started out as Assistant Treasurer and it looks like I finally got a big promotion. I look forward to the next two years. Hopefully, we will keep up the continued work on our assistance to the school and to the students.

We recently completed Phase One and Phase Two of the History Project for the school. We cannot thank Erin Granucci, Greg Granucci and Signe Miller Hodge enough for all the work they did with this brilliant idea and execution. The Alumni Association committed $10,000 from our Memorial Fund for Phase One and we received generous donations of $10,148 to complete Phase Two. We do have some additional costs for equipment used in the installation. I am hoping that we can encourage some additional donations to pay for these additional costs of approximately $3,000.

Please go by the school during school hours and look at the lobby. If you check with the front office, you could possibly see the long hallway leading from the Lobby to the Amphitheater. Then look out at the Julie Estridge Library windows for the AMAZING tiger eyes. It is a sight to behold.

We resume our meetings again in August at the Julie Estridge Library on the third Wednesday of the month at 6pm. Please come and join us!

Teresa Gemignani


Class of 1971

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