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A Letter from the President

Updated: Apr 2

Here is the quarterly letter from the new Alumni Association President, Teresa Gemignani '71


Happy Winter Alumni! I hope everyone is staying healthy during this Season! Take care of yourselves! I, myself, had a flu shot last fall and recently renewed my COVID vaccine. These don’t help my achy joints, but it keeps me up and walking. Once again, our Winter Luncheon was a success! Judy Aguilar did a wonderful job organizing the event. Our entertainment was a performance by students in the Dance Program. We enjoyed it very much. The Timbers at Sun City did a great luncheon. I hope everyone will look forward to our June “BBQ”. Information will come out later on that particular event. We are hoping to see the designs for the new classroom building slated to be built at the school. The old Girls Gym is being replaced. The building has been closed by the State so the gym will now be replaced and add student capacity to the school. We will let you know when the event will happen so we can all gather with our lawn chairs and watch the first of the process. This building is part of several projects to improve the school in the future, which include a new swimming pool and tennis courts. The Alumni Association is in the process of another scholarship season. Fred Festersen, Second Vice President, and his committee are currently reviewing and selecting our recipients. This is one of our prime purposes and an honor to

help students continue their studies. Our bylaws were updated in 2015, nine years ago. The Board is reviewing them for necessary updates. We invite everyone to participate. Please come to the next meeting on March 20, 2024, at 6pm in the Julie Estridge Library.

Also, don’t forget to purchase your Alumni T-Shirt. We’ve taken orders and sold several at the Winter Luncheon. They are perfect to wear to our meetings and any event at the High School. We’d like to give a shout out to Tony Palmer (Palmer Signs) and Brent Mattix (Student Leadership Director) for the design. See everyone at the next meeting!

Teresa Gemignani ‘71


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