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A Letter from the President

Here is the quarterly letter from the new Alumni Association President, Teresa Gemignani '71


Fall is Back to School!

I remember looking forward to Labor Day Weekend and starting school on that Tuesday. And “in the old days”, we had a holiday for California Admission Day! The timing has changed and we lost that holiday, but I know many of the students still look forward to the new school year. There are sports to start up and new classes to enjoy. This year brings us a new Principal! She is Ashley Serin. She is excited for the new year and everyone around her is excited, too. We look forward to having her visit at our September 20 meeting. Come and meet her!

“Serin has a plethora of experience in education. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a teaching credential from Sacramento State. Serin earned her master's degree from National University according to the announcement. Serin started her career as an English teacher at Victory High School in Rocklin in 2010 and Woodbridge High School in Irvine in 2015. She transitioned to administrative work in 2016 as the Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction for the Placer County Office of Education (PCOE), said the announcement. Serin earned her administrative credential through PCOE. Serin was also an adjunct professor at William Jessup University in Rocklin in the Master of Arts in Teaching program. Serin had numerous leadership positions at Spring View Middle School in Rocklin and Roseville High School before her current position as principal. She was vice principal at Spring View in 2019 and at Roseville in 2022.

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to come to Roseville High School as an assistant principal first. I have had the opportunity to learn the school, the staff, the students, the parents, the systems, the processes and the day to day, in and out of the school,” Serin told Gold Mountain News. “The transition from AP to principal at the same school site has been incredibly smooth thus far.” (Gold Country Media)

The start of a new school year begins our Alumni Association programs to refresh, too! The Teacher’s Wish List (where we assist teachers in purchasing needed curriculum resources) applications are already in the hands of the teachers. We will vote on the awards at our October 18 meeting. We will finish up the award of scholarships from 2023, and after the first of the year start the process for new scholarships. These are the two main drives of our organization. Please renew your memberships and, if possible, add any extra donation to support one of the other programs specifically.

Happy Fall!

Teresa Gemignani ‘71

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